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Viagra without a prescription

Viagra without a prescription
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Erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to get or maintain an erection, can affect any man, at any age, however it more commonly occurs as men get older. It’s a perfectly natural part of ageing, and there are many types of medication that have been designed to improve erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil, better known as Viagra Connect, is an erectile dysfunction treatment which is now available from your local pharmacy online or in-store as well as through Online Doctor without the need for a prescription.

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Can I get Viagra on the NHS?

Viagra is a branded version of the medicine Sildenafil which helps men get and maintain an erection. Sildenafil is available from the NHS in the UK, however you will need a prescription from a doctor to receive this medication.

Viagra Connect, which contains the same active ingredient as Sildenafil and Viagra, and works in the same way, is now available to buy without a prescription from your local pharmacy or via the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor service. You’ll need to answer a few medical questions either face-to-face or in a free online consultation to ensure you’re suitable for the medicine.

Can you get Viagra without going to the doctor?

Viagra Connect 50mg, is now available in the UK and you don’t need a prescription from your doctor. This means that you can legally buy this medication online without having to see your GP or get a prescription. However if you’d like to buy Viagra Connect from LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor you will need to complete a confidential online questionnaire consultation so that our expert team of doctors can check your suitability. This only takes two hours on a working day.

The questionnaire is completely confidential and contains quick and simple questions for you to answer. If you’d prefer you can chat to one of our expert pharmacists in your local pharmacy. They will ask you the same questions to ensure that this treatment is suitable for you and that there are no health risks involved.

If you are unsuitable for Viagra Connect, the Online Doctor consultation can suggest and prescribe alternative treatment that is right for your circumstances.

Can you buy Viagra at the pharmacy?

Yes, you can now buy the erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra Connect at your local LloydsPharmacy or online at regulated retailers such as LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor.

How much does Viagra Connect cost?

Viagra Connect contains 50mg of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient that helps men over the age of 18 get and maintain an erection. It's available to buy after completing an series of questions online or following a face-to-face consultation with your pharmacist. It comes in four pill packs with an RRP of £19.99, eight pill packs with an RRP of £34.99, packs of 12 which RRP at £51.79 and packs of 16 which RRP at £68.48.

Is it against the law to buy Viagra online?

Viagra is a prescription medicine. You may only obtain it from a licensed pharmacy using a valid prescription intended for you. It is legal to buy Viagra Connect online from a regulated seller; however there are many websites out there that are selling fake medicines with varying ingredients that could harm your health.

It is important that you buy Viagra Connect from regulated sources, such as pharmacies or services like Online Doctor. While browsing for erectile dysfunction treatment you should look out for the NHS logo, a registered pharmacy number, authorised medicines seller logo and a logo of the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). This logo can also be a link that takes you to an approval page, stating that the pharmacy has been approved by the MHRA.

Viagra Connect and Sildenafil - what’s the difference?

We’ve created a helpful table to compare generic Sildenafil with branded Viagra. If you’re looking to compare our variety of ED treatments and their active ingredients, explore your options at LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor.


Sildenafil (generic)

Viagra (branded)

Active ingredient

 Sildenal citrate

Sildenafil citrate

Available dosage (mg)

25, 50, 100

25, 50, 100

Pack size

4, 8, 16

4, 8, 16

When to take

Effective within one hour, up to five hours Effective within one hour, up to five hours

How to take 

On an empty stomach On an empty stomach

Prices on Online Doctor from

£2.50/pill £3.44/pill


What are the alternatives to Viagra Connect?

Viagra Connect is the branded version of the erectile dysfunction medicine Sildenafil. Other similar medicines are available including; tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra) and avanafil (Spedra). These work in similar ways to Viagra Connect, however they require a prescription and cannot be bought over the counter. You can request these alternative medications or bigger packs of Sildenafil and Viagra through our Online Doctor service. To find out more about alternatives to Viagra Connect please visit our Online Doctor.

How long does Viagra Connect last?

The recommended dose of Viagra Connect is one 50mg tablet taken with water approximately one hour before sexual activity. You usually see results of the treatment in within 60 minutes and men are able to achieve an erection in response to sexual stimulation, up to four hours after taking the pill.

Where can I buy Viagra Connect online?

Viagra Connect is available to buy from pharmacies online, however you will still need to be assessed by a medical professional before you can purchase this medication. When you purchase Viagra Connect from LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor you will be asked to complete a discreet online questionnaire consultation. This will then be reviewed by one of our GPs, who will check that it is safe for you to take Viagra Connect.

If you’re not suitable for Viagra Connect, they may suggest an alternative treatment. If you’d prefer you can visit your local LloydsPharmacy and chat to one of our in-store pharmacists about your health, Viagra Connect and any additional queries that you might have.


Prices correct September 2021